Reinventing the acceleration journey

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The number of startup accelerators has reached a peak in 2017.

We came to the conclusion that accelerators are overall used for the wrong purpose.

We’ve interviewed over a thousand of entrepreneurs, all quite sceptical about the acceleration business because of the pricing they feel unfair compared to the services that are actually provided which are only a desk and a few business introductions.

We need a an ON-DEMAND MODEL

We need acceleration as a service: an acceleration adapting constantly itself to the fast entrepreneur’s pace.


We need an accelerator that ONLY bills the services it really provides to entrepreneurs.


We need a fast and flexible platform that guides the entrepreneur through their acceleration journey.


We need to choose projects that don’t have the same pace but will be assured that they will get the best...

The MAGIC 101


The Magic 101 is a “Product Development Firm”: it offers an acceleration program for startups that have reached their product market fit, giving access to a tech-platform of consulting services, perks and networking events.


The Magic 101 is a thriving community of experts, mentors and investors that only work on demand for the best entrepreneurial projects, regardless their industry focus as long as they are scalable and ambitious.

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We are 101 Entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, Hard Working self-made Partners, Tech lovers
that have the ambition of changing the acceleration image, model and success.

Magic 101 IS NOT
an incubator.

We won’t offer desk service and free-coffee for a long-term period.

Magic 101 IS NOT
a com. buzz to kill acceleration.

It rather wants to reinvent accelerator and help acceleration show its true added value.

Magic 101 IS NOT
a free program.

it’s an investor community that are as committed with the entrepreneur’s success and fulfillment as with getting the best financial returns.

A successful investor is not just someone able to spot a licorn, but rather someone able to see through the potential of an entrepreneur and his business and being able to constantly support it

We are:



You come, we help you, you succeed, you leave. Period.



We will work with you and build your own KPI for the program following each steps you take. If we don’t reach those KPI, you don’t pay. In the same way, you leave before the stated period, you pay for the time dedicated on your project.



Working in an incubator should be different, it should be a digital reviving experience using the best tools to get the best results.



Accelerators often use services agreement to contract with an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs need more protection since accelerators are more than simple service providers, but investors. As ex-legal experts, we will have an...



We want to invest in our startups.

Network & services:

The first should always be linked to the later. You’ll get access to the 101 network of VC, experts, alumni mentors. Access to services from consultants and to perks with a discounted offer.

A tailor made program:

The program is made by Growth experts in accordance to your business plan and your business goals. Only ambitious KPIs are welcome in the 101 team.

Successful results:

we’ll be legally bound by KPIs. Exposure to a diversified community of mentors, investors, alumni, corporates that will INDIVIDUALLY help you.

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What is the new model for our investors?

→ Exposure + Investment return:

We’ll establish a clear roadmap for each investor to be informed of each of its investment return,and determine their very own investment thesis. In addition, we’ll offer services to help them through their fiscal optimisation process. On a legal standpoint they’ll have a clear contract assuring with some security financial return. For instance, we’ll only work with Series A startups that had previous market validation. International exposure: they’ll form a French, European and soon International network of like-minded investors.

The timeline:

We are launching in 2018. When winter will be long gone and the sky will get brighter. We’ll welcome in Spring 2018 our first entrepreneurs’ community and organize a mind blowing opening party at a secret location.

→ Next steps: We are currently raising funds and be quickly surrounded by committed investors We are looking for men, women, entrepreneurs and non digital champion people that would be willing to join our amazing expert team. Experts will have access to capital and preferred shares. They’ll be a pair of fresh eyes and add a brand new vision to this project. Quickly expand in other French cities and in Europe, to build a comprehensive European accelerator group with a new manifesto and commitment from all accelerators

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